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One-on-One Coaching with Gigi Rosenberg

Presentation Coaching

Whether the audience is one client, a small group, or a packed auditorium, you’ll build on your natural skills to create a presentation delivered with clarity and ease. Read more

Artist Coaching

Gigi will work with you to clarify your mission and envision the arc of your career. Sessions provide both inspiration and a practical, do-able action plan that fits your style. Read more

The Artist and Writer Circle

Gigi works with six serious artists or writers ready to take a career leap and who thrive on the synergy of a group and the focus of coaching. Read more

Presentation Coaching

In just one hour of coaching with Gigi, I was well-informed about how to prepare physically, emotionally, and logistically for a successful presentation. Her supportive and insightful feedback about my style gave me clarity about my opportunities for improvement and confidence about my capacity to connect with an audience.

Sage Cohen, Author, Poet, Communications Consultant,

Michael Wells

Gigi observed me teaching at Portland State University, then we met for feedback. She gave multi-faceted observations and recommendations on content, body language, using tools (PowerPoint/whiteboards), storytelling. Since our coaching session her feedback on my storytelling is having a positive impact not only on my teaching but my daily interactions and even writing.

Michael Wells, Owner of Grants Northwest

You can make presentations where the audience leans in, engaged and even entertained. Gigi Rosenberg can teach you how. Whether the audience is one client, a small group, or a packed auditorium, you’ll build on your natural skills to create a presentation delivered with clarity and ease.

In one-on-one working sessions, you’ll rehearse and finesse your next presentation or speech. Our goal? A presentation delivered with a clear call to action and a message that your audience remembers long after they walk out the door.

You’ll learn to:

  • write for the spoken voice
  • communicate with images
  • add appropriate drama
  • foster your own sense of calm

For technical experts presenting to a lay audience, you’ll learn to create presentations in understandable language that doesn’t “dumb down” the concepts.

Gigi has worked with a diversity of clients, from introverted professors making the move from teaching to speech-making, to marketing V.P.’s preparing for a high-stakes presentation, to visual artists unaccustomed to talking about their work, to teams in corporate America needing to communicate with grace and authority during a meeting.

For organizations, Gigi teaches these skills in customized, hands-on workshops.

Do you have a presentation looming that you’d like to deliver with confidence and ease? Contact Gigi by email to schedule an appointment.

Artist Coaching

Working with Gigi was a great boost for my art practice. She helped me focus and work smarter. The numerous steps necessary to support a career can seem daunting and to have someone helping you through that process is invaluable. She was a pleasure to work with.

Joseph Kucinski, Painter,

Meeting with Gigi was exactly what I needed to keep my momentum going. Together, we came up with a course of action that I could implement immediately. She helped me key into opportunities that I couldn’t see but were just within reach. I consider my session with her an invaluable investment in my business as an artist.

Matt Wilson, Performance Artist,

If you’re a literary, visual or performing artist who wants to organize, prioritize, and even ignite your career, Gigi Rosenberg offers one-on-one coaching sessions customized for the emerging and mid-career artist or writer.

Gigi will work with you to clarify your mission and to envision the arc of your career. Then, she’ll help you break down your goals into daily activities and prioritize next steps based on your temperament, your schedule, and your project. Sessions provide both inspiration and ideas and practical, do-able homework and accountability.

You can receive guidance in many areas including how to:

  • develop and rehearse an artist talk or reading
  • plan and promote an event or production
  • brainstorm fundraising including grant proposals
  • establish and maintain a marketing practice that fits your temperament
  • create and finesse an artist statement and elevator speech

Gigi’s introductory package includes a homework packet customized to your needs and goals that you complete before your first meeting, a one-hour session either at her downtown Portland office or over Skype or telephone, and a follow-up email to ensure accountability and follow through.

You may also set up monthly or bi-monthly sessions or email check-ins to support the inevitable hills and valleys in any successful career.

Do you have a project you need help realizing or do you need to clarify your goals? Contact Gigi by email to set up your coaching session.

The Artist and Writer Circle

If you’re a serious artist or writer ready to take your art practice and marketing to the next level, the Artist and Writer Circle offers both the support of a group and the intensity of one-on-one coaching.

The Circle is ideal for the committed artist or writer who wants the inspiration, support, practical advice, accountability, and synergy that a group can provide. At each meeting you’ll have undivided attention from artist coach and group leader Gigi and facilitated feedback from the group. You’ll leave with constructive feedback and homework personalized to your project and goals, and have the option to check in by email between meetings as needed.

Each group meets for six sessions, two per month, for three months. We meet in person in my office, located across the street from Central Library.

To enroll, you need to be a practicing artist with a clear career objective or project you’d like to accomplish in three months. For example, if you’re working to complete a section of an artistic project, you would use the group for accountability, meeting deadlines and presenting work in progress at each meeting. Or, you might use the group to develop a marketing plan, finesse your elevator speech or artist statement, or develop an artist talk.

For the next dates and rate information, email Gigi. Early bird discounts available.

To apply, email Gigi to schedule a free (no obligation!) 15-minute phone conversation to make sure this group would be a good fit.