Gigi's currently writing My Secret Father: A memoir

In 2011, six weeks after my mother died, I received an email that contained shocking news about my mother, the woman I thought I had reconciled with at the end of her life. My life in and with my family was never the same again.

I’d always wanted to write a memoir but until then, I didn’t have an organizing principle. A year later, I realized that the news, devastating though it was, had finally given my story what it needed and I began to write.

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Gigi and her father in New York City on February 28, 2012. 

Gigi and her father in New York City on February 28, 2012. 

When I wrote the first draft of My Secret Father, I wrote it as fast as I could as if I was trying to record it and smuggle it out of a foreign country before the police caught up with me. That’s how taboo the subject was for me.
— Gigi Rosenberg

READ the abbreviated story in the two-minute memoir published in Psychology Today.

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Banner photo of Gigi and her father in the 1960s by Ken Wittenberg
2012 photo by Erica Berger