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What’s the one dance that only you can choreograph? The novel or poem that only you can write? The music that only you can play? Or the photograph, painting, or sculpture that only you can create?

How can you fundraise for it, pitch it to your agent, or describe it to a new audience member if it doesn’t yet exist?

One way to start is to imagine it finished.

Then, look back at it and tell me: What do you see, feel, hear from this new perspective? This is the beginning of inviting the world to your work.

If you’re planning a conference or event and need a speaker who can both energize and coalesce your creative audience, contact Gigi Rosenberg, author of The Artist’s Guide to Grant Writing. She delivers dynamic keynotes, lunchtime lectures, interviews, and book talks at arts conferences, bookstores and college campuses. Her specialty is teaching artists and writers how to thrive while surfing the ups and downs inherent in any creative pursuit.

Naomi Strom-Avila

Gigi’s keynote address truly grounded our Arts Symposium. Her down-to-earth advice, personable demeanor and entertaining presentation kept the audience rapt. People walked away buzzing with ideas and energized for the other sessions.

Naomi Strom-Avila, Cultural Arts Specialist, City of Tacoma, Washington

For details on how her presentations can engage and inspire your audience, email Gigi.

Past audiences include:

  • Academy of Fine Art, New York City
  • Arts Symposium, Tacoma, Washington
  • Barnes & Noble, E. 86th Street, New York City
  • Columbia Center for the Arts, Hood River, Oregon
  • Elliot Bay Bookstore, Seattle
  • Maryland Writers Conference, Baltimore
  • Powell’s Books, Portland, Oregon
  • Self Employment in the Arts Conference, Chicago
  • See full client list.

Examples of Gigi’s speech topics include:

Don’t Go Solo: Enlist a village to help create and launch your next project

Successful artists and writers don’t work in isolation – they know that “success is a social activity” and that the key to a brilliant career is collaboration. To write her book, The Artist’s Guide to Grant Writing, Rosenberg interviewed dozens of flourishing artists from across the country. She discovered that although they came from diverse artistic disciplines, they had similar tendencies that helped them succeed both as artists and as entrepreneurs. The most striking one was the ability to collaborate with partners and in teams. Learn how you can use teamwork to propel your brilliant career.

Artist Talk: How to Talk to Anyone Anywhere about Your Art

In this lively, hands-on keynote, artists learn 10 tips for giving an outstanding presentation whether it’s to one person or a crowd. From formal, public talks, to informal conversations, an artist’s ability to cogently discuss her work can ensure opportunities, connections, and sales. Learn how to rehearse (even for off-the-cuff talks), enjoy the limelight, manage a Question & Answer session, and connect with your public. Participants leave with ideas for where they could be talking about their work right now and tips for writing and delivering both an elevator speech and a more formal talk.

For more information or to book Gigi for your next event, email Gigi.