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Extremely refreshing presentation. I congratulate Gigi on her magnetic, flexible, capable communication. I loved how realistic and hands-on she is.

Alice Fisher Blood, artist

Each workshop is customized for your audience, staff, or students. Participants can range in number from 8 to 100. The format can be a one-time event, a multi-session class with homework between meetings, and can include one-on-one coaching with each participant. To design a workshop for your workplace or special event, contact Gigi by email. Workshops offered include:

Make a Great Presentation

In this hands-on workshop learn 10 tips every good presenter knows for how to keep your audience engaged and even entertained. Whether your audience is one client, a small group, or a packed auditorium, we start with your natural skills and build from there to teach you how to write and deliver presentations with clarity and ease. Discover how to give memorable talks with a clear call to action that leave your audience motivated, informed, and maybe even delighted.

Topics include how to:

  • Structure the content and use transitions
  • Write with clear language that avoids jargon and paints pictures
  • Foster your own calmness
  • Handle inevitable mishaps with ease
  • Rehearse like a pro

Join us and discover how strong presentation skills can both advance your own career and further your organization’s mission.

The workshop Gigi presented was engaging, fun and relevant. We had an opportunity to learn our strong suits and practice them. This approach helped build confidence and allowed us to use what we learned immediately. A very effective training.

Vasin Douglas, senior producer, Microsoft

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Fund Your Projects: Grant Writing for the Visual, Literary & Performing Artist

In this interactive workshop, artists and writers learn to write compelling and lively grant applications to fund their artistic projects. Participants discover how to research funding, decode application questions, and let the grant-writing process focus career goals. In-class demonstrations reveal how to enlist colleagues and friends to help write a successful grant.

Attendees learn how to:

  • Discern when grant writing is the best use of an artist’s time
  • Research grants: where and how
  • Answer the questions that many applications don’t ask
  • Employ techniques that make proposals irresistible to funders

Read a transcript excerpt of this workshop from Gigi’s event at The Foundation Center in New York City.

Gigi’s energy is infectious. It could even be contagious.

Christopher Lovi, photographer

Thank you for your insight, humor and non-threatening dissection of this mystery of grant writing.

Tiffany Levesque, artist

This workshop provides concrete tools to make creative dreams/ideas a reality. This was very empowering.

New York City artist

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Give a Good Reading

It’s time to come out from behind the desk and meet the audience. In this participatory workshop, writers learn 10 tips for reading work aloud and discover how to read with confidence, enjoy the limelight, and connect with an audience. Participants rehearse in front of a supportive group and discover how to prepare like a pro for that next public reading. Bring up to five pages of writing to read. No experience necessary.

Participants learn how to:

  • Plan and deliver a stellar public reading
  • Warm up body and voice
  • Handle mishaps during a reading
  • Calm last minute jitters

Rosenberg is a dynamic presenter and was eager to share her accumulation of tips with a crowd of 25 writers. When participants had a chance to step up and read a few paragraphs of their work, Rosenberg made many a small suggestion that led to large improvements. She had the power to stop nervous laughter or halt a restless shifting of weight between feet.

Teresa Bergen, writer

For tips on your next public reading:

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