Work one-on-one with Gigi to clarify your vision and create a practical, do-able action plan that fits your temperament and moves your career forward. 

how artist coaching works

If you’re a literary, visual or performing artist who wants to organize, prioritize and even ignite your career, I offer one-on-one sessions customized for the ambitious fine artist, writer, performer or interdisciplinary artist.

I'll work with you to clarify your mission and envision the arc of your career. Then, we'll break down your goals into daily activities and prioritize next steps based on your temperament, your schedule and your project. Sessions provide inspiration and practical, do-able homework and accountability.

You can receive guidance in many areas including how to:

  • clarify your mission and envision the arc of your career

  • develop and rehearse an artist talk, literary reading, studio visit or interview

  • plan and promote an event or production

  • brainstorm fundraising including grant proposals

  • establish a marketing practice that fits your temperament

  • create and finesse an artist statement and elevator speech

Each session includes homework customized to your needs and goals that you complete before your first meeting, a one-hour session, either at my downtown Portland, Oregon office or over Skype or telephone, and a follow-up email to ensure accountability and follow-through.

You may also set up monthly or bi-monthly sessions or email check-ins to support the inevitable hills and valleys in any successful career.

Do you have a project you need help realizing or do you need to clarify your goals?

Gigi helped me transform my ‘meh’ grant application into a super application that was good enough for me to win a $5000 grant in a highly-competitive grant pool. Best of all, she made grant writing FUN. I enjoyed the entire process, learned a ton about myself and my art making, and I’m looking forward to starting the whole process again. She is the worth every single penny, and more.
— Joanna Rotkin, dance artist and movement educator,
Although I defined my problem pretty narrowly (advice for getting into a gallery), Gigi wasn’t afraid to jump in wherever she sensed an unspoken problem or need. Her openness (and the validation that I might even be gallery-worthy!) were really important to me.
— Susan D., fine artist, North Carolina
Business coaches never seemed like the right fit for my work as a writer, teacher and owner of an independent press. Then, I found Gigi. An artist and writer herself, Gigi ‘gets it.’ She’s generous in sharing her experience and wisdom. During our Skype sessions, she helps me clarify my goals and offers pragmatic suggestions that I’m able to immediately make use of.
— Arlyn Miller,, Chicago
Artist coaching with Gigi was fun, fun, fun and super productive. I enjoyed having her as a cheerleader, bringing problems in I needed help with and the assignments to take away. It was exciting to put our minds together to reach my goals. Her editing suggestions for my newsletter were so effective. Overall I feel more professional in my communications since working with Gigi.
— Anne Mavor,
I received two important exhibitions after I worked with Gigi on my new artist statement. I appreciated the clarity she gave me. She helped me work on the big picture and accompanied me on the tiny steps to reach my goal.
— Carmen Mariscal,
When I came to work with Gigi, I was in need of some serious help putting my creative house in order. She’s a wonderful listener and helped me find a way to honor both my heart and my head as I made a strategic plan to move forward with my career. She also helped me revise my artist statement, renegotiate my artistic goals and feel grounded in my dreams.
— Judith Pulman,
Working with Gigi propelled my career forward by leaps. She helped me make smarter decisions which helped shape the right choices for my career and make the most out of opportunities.
— Sabina Haque,