You can make presentations where the audience leans in, engaged and even entertained. Gigi can teach you how. 

We have consulted with Gigi for group training and individual coaching with excellent results. With her innate good humor, she quickly zeros in on a presenter’s strengths, offering practical insights to build confidence and keep audiences engaged. She’s become our secret weapon!
— Fidelma McGinn, Vice-President, Philanthropic Services, Seattle Foundation

How presentation coaching works

In one-on-one working sessions, you’ll rehearse and finesse your next presentation or speech. Our goal? A presentation delivered with a clear call to action and a message that your audience remembers long after they walk out the door. 

Whether the audience is one client, a small group or a packed auditorium, you’ll build on your natural skills to create a presentation delivered with clarity and ease. You’ll learn to:

  • write for the spoken voice
  • communicate with images
  • add appropriate drama
  • foster your own sense of calm

For technical experts presenting to a lay audience, you’ll learn to create presentations in understandable language that doesn’t “dumb down” the concepts.

I've worked with a diversity of clients, from introverted professors making the move from teaching to speech-making, to marketing V.P.’s preparing for a high-stakes presentation, to visual artists unaccustomed to talking about their work, to teams in corporate America needing to communicate with grace and authority.

For organizations, I teach these skills in customized, hands-on workshops.

Do you have a presentation looming that you’d like to deliver with confidence and ease? Email me  to schedule a time to talk about how we can work together.

Gigi brought insight and knowledge to my staff at MSN that dramatically enhanced their communication skills. She listened, observed, coached individuals to understand unique skills suited to their specific needs. She has an instructional mastery that I have rarely seen.
— Stephen Cvengros, former Senior Director at Microsoft's MSN
When I came to Gigi I had a lot of little ‘stories’ disorganized in bits and pieces and I struggled to get through them both because I was trying to remember the order and because it was boring. Gigi helped me separate my talk into three distinct sections, with a flashback to the beginning, and organized it in a clear, compelling, and surprising way. When I tell my story this way my listeners seem much more engaged and I don’t get bored telling it so my delivery is better.
— Mickey Trescott, author of The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook: An Allergen-Free Approach to Managing Chronic Illness
Gigi observed me teaching at Portland State University, then we met for feedback. She gave multi-faceted observations and recommendations on content, body language, using tools (PowerPoint/whiteboards), storytelling. Since our coaching session her feedback on my storytelling is having a positive impact not only on my teaching but my daily interactions and even writing.
— Michael Wells, formerly of Grants Northwest
In just one hour of coaching with Gigi, I was well-informed about how to prepare physically, emotionally, and logistically for a successful presentation. Her supportive and insightful feedback about my style gave me clarity about my opportunities for improvement and confidence about my capacity to connect with an audience.
— Sage Cohen, Author, Poet, Communications Consultant,

Photo by Benjamin Child