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I don’t believe in the muse. I believe in the itch.

Which can also feel like an ache, a pang or a tightness that won’t let go. It’s the knot in your stomach, not the butterflies. And the only way to untangle it, to release its hold is to create. Some people say that the work “just comes through them.” I wish I felt that way. But to me, the work comes out of me and all I can do is pour it onto the page and then, much later, edit it into a shape that holds, has a beat, a life of its own.

If you don’t scratch the itch,

if you don’t press the nib into paper, click the shutter, touch the bristles to canvas, what you feel, can't get out. It decays inside you. But if you let it out and shape it, you can share it, use it to astonish, awaken, help or even ignite the same courage in your audience that you found. Maybe now, someone else can do what their life is calling them to do however impossible or beautiful. 

I write and consult about how to create more freely, grow your audience and persist with both creating and marketing no matter how disgruntled or windblown you may be. I invite you to work with me or connect as a reader, learner or subscriber.


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