Gigi customizes public speaking workshops and speeches for your team or event for groups of 8 to 100 around the country and even abroad.


In my personalized public speaking training, participants learn how to give a stellar presentation whether it’s to one person or a crowd. Let me create a public speaking workshop tailored for your corporate team, nonprofit organization or arts association.

Public Speaking Workshop Topics

My public speaking workshops are hands-on and lively with topics ranging from presentation tips for executives, professional development for artists and public speaking skills for introverts, scientists and technical experts.

Choose a topic below or contact me for a public speaking workshop tailored to your team.

5 Steps to Nail Your Next Presentation

Give an outstanding presentation whether it’s to one person or a crowd.

In this public speaking workshop, customized for your team, participants learn how to find their story, engage the audience and calm their nerves when giving public presentations.

This hands-on session covers the 5 steps to creating a compelling presentation with ease including topics such as how to:

  • Organize your information into a story

  • Encourage audience participation

  • Handle a Question & Answer session

  • Add appropriate drama

  • Find the humor

  • Calm your nerves before and during a presentation

  • Give feedback to colleagues as they prepare for a high-stakes presentation

  • Learn storytelling and performance tools that you can use right away


5 Steps to Nail Your Elevator Speech

How do you answer the question “What do you do?” Join public speaking coach Gigi Rosenberg and learn how to write and deliver your outstanding 60-second introduction. Gigi leads participants through the 5 Steps of creating and finessing a powerful elevator speech. You’ll leave the workshop with a workable speech and practical tips for delivering it with presence. In this workshop you’ll learn how to

  • Hone your message

  • Deliver it with authenticity

  • Practice it wherever you go

  • Learn to improvise on the fly depending on the circumstances

Participants leave the workshop with a workable speech and practical tips for delivering it with presence.


Give a Good Reading

In this public speaking workshop, writers learn 10 tips for giving an outstanding reading, whether to a small gathering or an auditorium of listeners. Discover how to read work aloud with confidence, enjoy the limelight, and connect with an audience.

Come prepared with up to 5 pages of writing to read. You’ll get to practice with a supportive public speaking coach who provides practical advice to take your writing into the world through stellar public readings.


Your Artist Talk: How to Talk about Your Art

Can you confidently discuss your artwork in front of a crowd?

In this lively public speaking workshop, artists learn 10 tips for giving both a formal public talk or having an informal conversations. The ability to discuss your work can ensure opportunities, connections and sales. Discover how to rehearse for off-the-cuff talks, manage a Question & Answer session and connect with your public.

Participants leave with ideas for where they could be talking about their art right now.


What people are saying about Gigi’s workshops:

Gigi brought insight and knowledge to my staff at MSN that dramatically enhanced their communication skills. She listened, observed, coached individuals to understand unique skills suited to their specific needs. She has an instructional mastery that I have rarely seen. Hire her.
— Stephen Cvengros, former Senior Director at Microsoft's MSN
Gigi’s workshop was wonderful, informative and reassuring. I left with many ‘healthy presentation techniques’ for how to both physically prepare and to ensure the audience is getting my message.
— Donald Hice, Program Manager, Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare
Gigi’s “Nail Your Elevator Speech” webinar was fantastic. In one hour, she provided valuable food for thought and did it all with warmth, humor and professionalism.
— Allyson Rowley, Writer/Editor
Gigi’s workshop helped me reshape my thinking about public speaking. I appreciated her advice about how to stay calm and especially her direction to expect imperfection. I left her workshop feeling re-energized about my next presentation.
— Construction Manager, Portland, Oregon
Gigi is a realist with an optimist’s heart. She knows fundraising is tough, but also how to get it done. Her workshop was concise and candid, and she teaches with warmth and humor. Time well spent!
— John McMahon, Artist Services Director, Idaho Commission on the Arts
Gigi’s talk in Boulder was absolutely first rate. She brought excellent content, clarity, concision and enthusiasm to her talk. And a good time was had by all. I’m working on an exhibition and exchange in Kunming, China in early November and will use all her help.
— Alice Renouf,, Director of the Colorado China Council
I met Gigi at an Artist Trust workshop in Tacoma, Washington in 2012 where she spoke about marketing. I had just sold my first piece and now five years later, using some of her advice, I’m a fulltime professional artist.

I fondly remember her New York-ish-ness and the feeling that I had chosen the right direction for my art. Her enthusiasm and information increased the confidence I felt in aggressively, strategically, and joyfully placing my art in front of a world audience.
— Chris Maynard,, Olympia, Washington
I attended Gigi’s workshop at the Regional Arts & Culture Council. Since then, I’ve been awarded two fellowships, three professional development grants, and two project grants from local and state agencies. Gigi put all of that in motion for me a decade ago. Thank you so much!
— Margaret Malone,
Gigi’s class was fun, well-paced, and practical, and her observation about my elevator speech hook was astute. What works in writing doesn’t always translate well into spoken form. After I pitched the agent with the revised elevator speech, he requested my book proposal. Success! Thank you!
— Kate Kaufmann, writer, Portland, Oregon
The lecture series Gigi presented in South Florida provided artists with such valuable lessons in how to succeed in the marketplace. Broward County artists learned to talk about their art, write about their projects and collaborate. We look forward to working with her again.
— James Shermer, Grants Administrator, Broward Cultural Division
Gigi’s keynote address truly grounded our Arts Symposium. Her down-to-earth advice, personable demeanor and entertaining presentation kept the audience rapt. People walked away buzzing with ideas and energized for the other sessions.
— Naomi Strom-Avila, Cultural Arts Specialist, City of Tacoma, Washington