Be Your Own CEO

With only three months left to 2015, what do you want to say you’ve done by the time you’re watching New Year’s Eve fireworks?

If you were the CEO of You, Inc. what would you be asking your staff to complete by the end of December? What support and cheerleading and guidelines would you set for them?

Guess what? You ARE the CEO of You, Inc. and it’s time to be honest about what you want by the end of this year.

When I coach artists, one of the first assignments I usually give them is to make a list of every project on their plate. The list is usually so long that it would make anyone, even your most prized employee, sag from overwhelm.

The second part of the assignment is to ask the artists to pick the top three things they want to do, above all others, from that long list.

Today, I’m going to give you the next part of that assignment:

Pick one thing.

Choose just one project or one portion of one project that you want to finish by the stroke of midnight on December 31, 2015.

What is it? What will it look like when you’re done? How will you feel when that project or portion of a project is now in the past?

If you like how that feels, then make everything else you do between now and the end of December support that one thing.

For me, the one thing is to finish this revision of my memoir. Everything else in my life needs to support that one mission. Because I’m the CEO of Me, Inc., what I say, goes.

So, I’m getting up earlier each morning so I can devote myself to a writing routine without interruption. I’m not checking email until later in the day and only when I’ve accomplished something on my project.

Everything else is going to revolve around that one thing I want. Because I want it and I’m the boss of what I want.

So, what’s your one thing? How will you make your life revolve around its fruition? What will you seek to support it? What will you avoid to support it? What people will you rally? What people will you stay away from?

Go for it. You only have 100 days to make this one thing happen. But you’re the Chief and I know you can do it.

La fille du patron, The Boss’ Daughter, by Paul Gauguin, 1886, oil on canvas, 55.3 x 46 cm, Musée du Prieuré, Saint-Germain-en-Laye, France.