Find your feet to feel your presence

What can you do in those moments just before you take the stage to ensure that you feel the power of your own presence? Feel your feet!

Here’s the latest from my one-minute public speaking tips on how you can improve your stage presence. Read the video transcript below.

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We’ve been living in Siena now for six weeks and just this week, I got to a place where I felt complete saturated like I couldn’t take in any more art, or any more sculpture, or any more beauty! The overwhelm started to give me the feeling of not being totally present or “here.” So, a few days ago, I started a practice, which is something that I do before I’m walking onto the stage to perform.

It’s just taking the time to feel my feet as they hit the ground.

So, next time you’re getting up to the stage, try it. As you’re walking across the marble floor or up the carpeted stairs, feel your feet. This practice has made me feel a lot more present and a lot more “here.”

Let me know how it works for you.

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