How to give feedback on a speech

When someone asks you for feedback on their speech, sometimes it's hard to know what to say. How to critique a speech and give constructive feedback?

Here’s the latest from my one-minute public speaking tips including the two most helpful questions you can answer when someone asks you for feedback on a presentation. You can read the video transcription below.

I’m talking to you from my home office in Italy. Notice the arch! Today’s 45-second lesson is about how to give feedback. Somebody pulls you aside and says: “Hey, would you give me some feedback on my speech?” Sometimes it’s really hard to know what to say. These are the two questions you should answer, for starters.

Number 1: Where is the speech confusing? Where was the content really out of focus? Or the story didn’t make sense? Or you didn’t really get it?

Number 2: Where did you really get it? What were the strongest images? Now that the speech is over, what do you remember?

Just answer those 2 questions. You don’t have to dump all your ideas on the speaker. Or tell them how to fix the speech.

Start here. This 2-question method helps the speaker’s voice and power come through. Try them out. And let me know how they work for you.

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