How to have charisma: What I learned from Mom & Dad

My parents were people-magnets. They made friends wherever they went; they were the best party-throwers I’ve ever met. What did my parents actually do that made them so charismatic? In this 2-minute audio lesson, I share 3 tips I learned from them that you can apply to your next speech or even conversation. Listen here:


Hey, it’s Gigi Rosenberg with today’s 2-minute public speaking tip on “How to have charisma.”

I grew up with two extremely charismatic parents. They made friends everywhere, they threw the best parties, all my friends wanted to live at my house.

What did my parents actually do that made them so charismatic? Three things that I’ll share right now, which you can use at your next presentation.

Number 1: whenever I walked into my parents house whether it was for a party or if I were just getting home from school, my mother would always act so happy to see me. Hi! How are you?

Everybody was greeted warmly. Even strangers.

At their parties, my stepfather stood at the front door playing his accordion, as you entered, a little welcome song. Visitors were greeted with shouts and applause.

Number 2: my mother was a connector. Whenever she met somebody she always wanted to find out, who do we know in common? Is there anything you need that I can give you? You need a graphic designer, a flamenco dancer, a great deal on salami, she knew somebody.

The third thing is that they were interested in people. They asked a lot of questions: They wanted to know where you were from. What’s your life story?

Take these three things:

  • the giving a warm welcome,

  • the connecting somebody with someone or something they really need and

  • the being interested in the other person.

Do one of those things before, during or after your next speech.

When you get up in front of the audience and you’re feeling nervous. Looking nervous is not charismatic. Instead, welcome your audience warmly. That’s much more charismatic than showing how nervous you are. And it will also relax you.

When you ask your audience a question, really listen.

Offer help. Connect your listener with whatever it is they’re seeking.

Experiment: see if doing one or more of these things gives you a feeling of being more charismatic. I would love to find out what you learn.

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