I’m invested in your success

The other day, I received an email from a colleague that began: “Because I’m invested in your success…” and then she went on to give me a very useful tip for how I could entice more people to read my blog. I was blown away more by her saying “I’m invested in your success” than the actual tip even though it was extremely useful.

Do you have people in your life who are invested in your success? How many people can you honestly name who you feel invested in?

Most of us artists and entrepreneurs work alone. We don’t like making our work by committee. It’s one of the reasons we hope we don’t ever have to get a “real job” ever again. But one of the nice things about a real job is that you have colleagues and maybe even a boss who’s “invested in your success.” If it’s a good job with a good company, you’re on a team where everyone is helping each other do their best work.

How can you build these partnerships and teams into your life so that you can all help each other move forward?

I have several groups that I participate in: One is a group of four solo business owners who meet once a month with a leader who we pay, another is a group of six women who meet once a month without a leader and a third group is my writing group that meets haphazardly to critique and support each other as writers. I also have a dozen individuals who I consider close colleagues.

My career would not be the same without these groups and these people. I have such fondness for each of them. If I receive a request from any of them, I make it a priority to help them unless I am completely swamped. Why do I do this? It’s because I’m invested in their success. When they succeed I get goose bumps! When I succeed, they’re the first people I want to tell.

This weekend, ask yourself: whose success are you invested in? Who in your circle is invested in your success? If not enough names pop to mind, it might be time to join a peer group or a group led by a professional coach.

Maybe it's time to write a note of appreciation or encouragement to somebody whose success would give you goose bumps.