I'm now Editor at 'Professional Artist' magazine

I’m delighted to announce that I’ve been named Editor of Professional Artist, the business magazine for visual artists. Ever since I was in junior high school, I’ve wanted to edit a magazine so when this opportunity opened, I jumped at the chance.

I’ve been at it since early last month and so far, I love it. All the ideas for marketing and funding that come across my desk now have a home. I can either write about them for the magazine or assign them to one of our contributors. And now, I’m exposed to even more resources I can share with the artists I coach.

Professional Artist is based in Orlando, Florida but I can edit it from my office in downtown Portland. Since it’s part-time, I continue to coach artists, offer presentation coaching, teach workshops and work on my own creative writing projects.

I love running my own business, but one thing I always missed from the days when I had a “real job” was the social aspect of work, of working with a team towards a shared goal. I partner with artists and arts associations in the coaching and teaching that I do but it’s time-limited. After the workshop is over, we won’t talk again until the next time which could be a year away.

Now, I have colleagues – the publisher, the assistant editor of the magazine and our contributing writers. I really enjoy working with them to create the best business magazine for visual artists.

Learn more about the magazine, purchase an issue or subscribe here.

You can still reach me at gigi@gigirosenberg.com or if you have a story idea, email me at grosenberg@professionalartistmag.com.