Play the Numbers Game

I set a challenge for myself this year to send 50 submissions – about one a week – into the world in 2012. By submissions I mean grant applications or stories to literary magazines or contests or any kind of entry into a formal, public competition. Last Thursday, after sending out 20 submissions so far this year, I just received my 2nd acceptance. One of my stories, “Say His Name,” will be published in the next issue of poemmemoirstory.

What I’ve known all along but am now putting into practice is that the more I send “requests” into the world, the more I find acceptance. It’s such a simple formula, I’m astounded at my past resistance.

How could you play this numbers game in support of getting published, recognized, awarded or funded? To start, figure out how many submissions you’ve made in the past year or in the past six months. Set your sights on doubling it. If you sent out 10 applications last year, can you make it 20 this year?

This is the way you create your own luck. Not by waiting for it to knock on your door, but by inviting it, again and again.