What if you knew how “good” you were?

A couple of weeks ago, in yoga class, my teacher told me it was time for me to move up to the next level. I was thrilled! Her comment made me feel like “I’m good at yoga.”

In the weeks that followed, I noticed that because I felt I was “good” at yoga, I made more effort in class, going deeper in the poses and holding them longer. And I started doing more yoga at home and during breaks at work.

My being recognized as “good” made me want to do more yoga. And the more I did it, the better I became. But it was more than just feeling more stretched, my attitude changed. I was more devoted to my practice. I felt less bored and more focused. My feeling “good” helped me stick to the practice even when it felt uncomfortable.

This made me think about writing. By now, I know I can write. Or do I? Like most artists, I circle through periods of doubt and wonder at times “Am I good?”

Is there a way to translate “I’m good at yoga” to “I’m good at writing” in a way that would help me go deeper in my writing practice and stay there longer? 

If you already knew you were “good” how would that change your art practice?

The Good Book by Federico Zandomeneghi, 1897.